Bruce Pitcher is a one-of-a-kind trainer.  He knows intimately what it takes to overcome and conquer the many trials and obstacles presented in life. Coming from an abused childhood, he turned to food for comfort and at the age of 29 weighed 382 pounds.  This was a hinge-point of his life!  He wanted more and he chose to believe that he could DO something great and BECOME someone great!  His determination inspired him to apply to be a contestant on the hit TV show Extreme Weight Loss.  He was soon after chosen to compete.  During the next 12 months as a contestant on the show he lost over 200 pounds, breaking all records in Extreme Weight Loss history!

​Bruce did something great!  It was unprecedented!  And ever since, he’s been driven to help others to achieve unprecedented change in their own lives! Bruce is the author of "Larger Than Life," an inspiring account of his life and childhood and the struggles he fought to overcome. He is the founder of the hit YouTube show, Larger Than Life, seen consistently by thousands of committed viewers.  He is a Certified Trainer, a leader of destination boot camps and the personal trainer for hundreds of people who are committed to achieve their goals and transform their lives!

Brandi Seagroves is a former client of Bruce. Working directly with Bruce for over two years,  Brandi was able to lose over 140 pounds. Having been trained by Bruce, she has a remarkably similar coaching style with her own added flare. Brandi is passionate about helping people and is driven by her desire to support others during their own, unique transformation.

Brandi started her own journey at 300 pounds; therefore, she absolutely understands the difficulties people face, as well as how to help them achieve the proper mindset to accomplish great things. After her own transformation, she knew she was meant to help others prove to themselves that they too, could do things beyond their wildest dreams. Brandi already had an MBA from Lincoln Memorial University, but went on to become a Certified Personal Trainer, as well as a Certified Transformation Specialist. Brandi has helped numerous people achieve their weight loss goals and has several others that are well on their way.

Jeff Cooper’s weight loss journey began on the couch with a tub of ice cream in his hands while watching Bruce’s Extreme Weight Loss episode back in 2014.  He fully understands and lived the daily struggles of emotional eating and self-sabotage.  Jeff was so inspired by Bruce’s story that he decided to draw a line in the sand, stop the exhausting yo-yo dieting, and get fit and healthy once and for all.
In the first year of Jeff’s journey, he lost 50+ pounds and has kept it off ever since.  

Now at 50 years old, Jeff is in the absolute best shape of his life.  He lives what he teaches and is super-passionate about challenging and helping others achieve things they initially thought were impossible.  Jeff has helped numerous people, young and old, gain control of their lives by teaching them how to build mental toughness, instill a strong growth mindset, how to properly fuel their body, and live an active life of integrity.

Wanda Elkins is a full-time mom, wife, college student, employee, and health coach. She has spent the last four years working with Bruce and transforming her life. Her coaching style is a mix of compassion, empathy, sympathy, and reality. Wanda spends her free time reaching out to others on their journey through her coaching, weekend workouts, Instagram posts, her Blog, and her Podcast Conversations With a Fit Fat Chick.

Wanda has lost 90 LBS as a client of Bruch and with Larger Than Life Coaching. She did this all while juggling life. She has lost weight and maintained the loss during the last four years while getting a college degree and leveling up at her job. She knows what it is like to have to be present in your family and personal life while trying to get healthy. As part of her transformation, Wanda completed her Bachelor’s degree, in a current Master’s program, and obtained Personal Training /Nutrition Certifications. Her goal in life is to help as many people as she can to become the best versions of themselves. Breaking the cycle of obesity and showing others they are worth it!


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